Max Crighton is a well known divorce attorney in London. As famous for his affairs with his clients as for his skill in the courtroom, he has more than his share of enemies. His family is well aware of his shortcomings, chief among them the mistreatment of his gentle wife Maddy.

Raising her two children practically alone has been difficult, but she has a sense of duty that doesnt allow her to change her life. When Max finally pushes her to her limit, Maddy decides it is time to discover a life of her own. An accident leaves Max close to death, and he returns home a changed man. The only problem is that his metamorphosis might be too late.

Max and Maddys story is an interesting one. Unfortunately, in her first of a new series of books, Ms. Jordan spends too many pages drawing background and numerous characters. Because of this, Maxs transformation is told instead of shown and readers miss the chance to get to like a complex character.(July, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson