Image of That Perfect Someone (Malory)


Image of That Perfect Someone (Malory)

The Malorys are the family everyone wishes they had, so returning to their world is like entering a bit of heaven. The way Lindsey expertly writes a seductive battle of wills love story is magic; love, laughter, adventure and passion collide as childhood foes become lovers.

Betrothed as a child to the domineering Earl of Manford’s son, heiress Julia Miller has found a way to break the marriage contract. She attends Georgiana’s birthday ball hoping to find “that perfect someone.” Nine years ago Richard Allen fled England and an unwanted marriage for the Caribbean, where he joined a treasure-hunting pirate crew. When he and his friends return to England he hopes to catch a glimpse of the woman he is hopelessly infatuated with, Georgiana Malory. To save himself from James Malory’s wrath he kisses the first woman he meets: Julia. That kiss seals their fate. Julia pursues her perfect someone from London to the country — until she discovers the shocking truth of his identity. They still fight like cats and dogs but after rescuing him from a transport ship and concocting a scheme to steal the contract their masquerade turns into unexpected passion, proving how thin the line is between love and hate. (Gallery, Jun., 400 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin