Image of A Perfect Storm (Edge of Honor)


Image of A Perfect Storm (Edge of Honor)

Fans of the Edge of Honor trilogy will be very happy with this new addition. All our old friends are here, as secondary characters get their spotlight. I really liked that Foster shows that a victim’s recovery from abuse is not instant upon rescue and that each person must find her own way to conquer her trauma, making her characters seem more real.

Spenser Lark knows that Arizona Storm has already lived through so much, and he knows that there are issues as well as heat between them. But when she announces that she is going after a trafficking ring, it is clear that keeping his distance is not going to protect her. What he doesn’t understand is that Arizona doesn’t want to be protected, she wants to fight back. The group that rescued her from sex traffickers loves her and she is starting to love them back, but to be completely free means she has to get in the fight. Spenser wants her to have everything she wants and deserves, but one of the things Arizona is coming to want is Spenser, and letting her act as bait on this sting might be too much. (HQN, Apr., 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan