Image of The Perfect Stranger


Image of The Perfect Stranger

Kent's newest installment in her
SG-5 series lacks the intensity
and drive of the other books.
The suspense unfolds late in the
story and there's so much mystery
surrounding the circumstances
of the plot that it's easy to lose
interest. Kent's detailed sexual
scenes range from making love
under a waterfall to risque anal sex in the jungle to a drug-induced attempted rape.

SG-5 pilot Jack Briggs is kidnapped, drugged and led deep into the jungle of San Torisco by World Relief team leader Jillian Endicott, who's posing as his pregnant wife. Jack insists he can't help her, but as her plight unfolds, his head and his heart soften to her.

When her son and best friend go missing and law enforcement bears down on them, Jack and Jillian race against time to get everyone off the island alive. (Brava, Apr., 272 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen