Luanne Rice is well known for writing novels that come to life with rich, thought-provoking emotion. Rice has penned a first-rate novel, complete with multi-layered characters who must deal with the betrayal and hidden secrets of a man they thought they knew. Compelling suspense is combined with a story of healing and love in one captivating read.

In her latest, she once again returns to Black Hall, Connecticut, where Bay McCabe resides with her childhood sweetheart, bank vice president Sean, and their three children, Annie, Billy and Peg.

Bay's summer idyll quickly ends when Sean goes missing. Then the bank president and FBI show up at her door, talking of embezzlement. As Bay searches Sean's boat for a clue to his disappearance, she locates an old letter she wrote to her teenage crush, Danny Connolly, who had worked on a nearby boardwalk 25 years ago. Bay goes to meet the widowed Danny and discovers that Sean commissioned him to build a boat for Annie. But that's just the first of many secrets to unfold…

(Aug., 429 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick