Peopled with marvelous secondary characters, this delightful romance is a funny, engaging read. Meredith and Tony's journey to self-discovery is skillfully portrayed. The advertisement lead-in lines at the start of each chapter are an inspired touch.

Advertising historian Meredith switches places with her glamorous, honeymooning actress twin sister Marley, to claim "the fantasy of a lifetime." But the fantasy isn't for her. She—as Marley—is expected to help create it for others.

Back home in L.A., Tony Valentine is working to save his actor fantasy camp and hires sitcom star Marley Madison to teach. She turns out to be a bit peculiar, trying to convince him she's not really Marley. When he finally accepts that as truth, Tony realizes his attempt to save the studio is sunk—until he and Meredith strike a deal. She continues to "play" Marley and is granted access to the studio archives.

(Jun., 352 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley