Being the PR Representative for Marquis Aircraft is difficult enough for Cherish Malone without the added burden of her intense flying phobia. She has good reason for her fear; she is one of three people who survived the deadly crash of a prototype XC-23 WingMaster. The other two survivors were Conor Mitchell and Alec Porter, the pilot and co-pilot. In the aftermath, Conor and Cherish fell in love and planned to marry, but when the accident was ruled pilot error, Conor retreated and left Cherish at the altar.

After the second XC-23 crashes and a cryptic E-mail arrives from Alec, she is forced to confront Conor again. Something is very wrong with the WingMaster program. Massive Reck Enterprises appears to be trying to blame the crashes on little Marquis Aircraft. Russell Reck has been working hand in glove with Joe Kinnard, a Defense Department Undersecretary. Do they have a hidden agenda?

Before he died in the original plane crash, businessman Eric Ballas and his company were working closely with Russian scientists on experimental composite materials. Alec insists that Eric and his company were on the verge of a revolutionary discovery when they died. Cherish, Conor and Alec soon find their reputations and lives are on the line in this deadly game of cross and double cross.

Ms. Bicos has definitely found her niche. Her exceptional talent is expertly displayed in this outstanding new thriller. The dark and dangerous world of black projects, corporate espionage and even alien abductions make this a sizzling summer read! (Aug., 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith