With only a smattering of futuristic scenes, Inman's tale bogs down in
the minutiae of contemporary life. Telling instead of showing, combined with formal speech patterns and short sentences, causes this story to drag on too long.

Rachel Brooks is a small- town librarian with a cat named Pumpkin. Her routine life is shaken up when a beautiful stranger visits the library. Kyle McClain knows all about Rachel. He is from the year 2073, and in order to graduate from The Institute, he must study Rachel. Kyle is not supposed to have any physical relations with her. If he does, he must become celibate when he returns to his time. He's also not supposed to fall in love with his subject. Rachel knows Kyle will leave, but she falls in love with him too.

Meanwhile, someone is harassing Rachel. Can Kyle save her before he has to return to his time? Can he live without love? (Whiskey Creek, Feb. '06, 291 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice