Sportscaster Jake Jarvis wakes up one morning to find his face— and body— plastered on billboards and buses all over Los Angeles. As local TV's newest sex symbol, it's up to him to boost ratings by appearing as a contestant on the reality game show, " Dream Date."

Jake's "Dream Date" partner is none other than sitcom star Marley Madison, who enters the show in disguise to prove her acting prowess— a last-chance attempt at saving her failing career. But how will she prove to Jake that " I love you"was never in the script?

Lisa Plumley is a comedic buried treasure! A screwball comedy with sizzle, PERFECT TOGETHER blends laugh-out-loud antics and touching romance. Marley's sweet, sassy appeal complements Jake's sly, easy charm, and together they prove that, when opposites attract, sparks fly. (Jun., 327 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Gina Bernal