Henry Owens obsession with his ancestral home, Sea Cliff, drives him to do the unthinkablemarry a woman that he does not love in order to obtain his inheritance.

Awkward, naive, and plump, Ann Foster is overwhelmed by Henrys marriage proposal. She is infatuated with the handsome Henry and does not see the truth behind his sudden courtship and quick marriage, until he leaves her before their wedding night and divorces her shortly thereafter.

Ann is devastated by his abandonment, knowing he married her for the funds to restore a house. On top of this she is scorned by society as a divorcee.

Two years later Ann, now thin and beautiful, returns to Newport, resolved to hurt Henry as he hurt her. But the new Ann is just as susceptible to the pain and joy of love as the gawky Ann. A lively, love story ensues, as Ann finds herself unable act out her plans for revenge, instead she falls for Henry all over again.

The Gay Nineties, Newport and its illustrious, elitist society shine in this wonderful Americana romance. Readers will delight in Anns transformation and cheer her on in winning Henrys true love. The mystery of the house adds an interesting touch as does the cast of wealthy, blue-blood characters. Jane Goodger once again presents readers with a beautifully rendered tale of a rich and colorful era. SENSUAL (Sep., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin