Accused by Mr. Arlington of stealing his betrothed's fortune and then doing away with the chit, Brandon Pellidora, Marquess of Hartley, decides to look into the matter. The female in question, Miss Celia Rider, is a relative by marriage.

Disguised as her brother's governess, Celia is trying to find out what happened to her inheritance. It doesn't take long for Brandon to discover who she really is.

Together they try to solve the problem of Celia's legacy. But Brandon is besieged with problems of his own. He's trying to ignore his growing feelings for Celia, because he carries the stigma of madness in his blood and will not marry.

The plot grows slightly convoluted as the author adds to Brandon's inner conflict with an exterior threat to his life. Still, PERFECTION is an engaging, pleasant read. SWEET (Oct., 316 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond