Image of Perfectly Matched (Love Inspired)


Image of Perfectly Matched (Love Inspired)
PERFECTLY MATCHED (4.5) by Lois Richer: Nick Green plans to start coaching football after an injury ends his career as a player. In the meantime, he heads home to help his niece Maggie with rehab, after she was injured in a car accident that killed her mother. Shay Parker’s modeling career came to an early end, thanks to a stalker. Returning home to work at a clinic, she takes on Maggie’s case. Together, Nick and Shay help Maggie walk while they struggle to understand God’s plan for their lives in this final installment of the Healing Hearts series. Fear, trust and doubt are key themes, and Richer skillfully shows how they can all be handled with God’s guidance.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee