Image of Perils of the Heart


Image of Perils of the Heart

For those who want a sweeping, perils of Pauline-style, high seas adventure romance this is it. Pirates, prison breaks, spies and passion ride across the pages as prim and proper British-bred Evangeline Clemens is swept up into a wild adventure.

A fellow ship passenger named Anne is determined to commandeer the ship to travel to the Caribbean and release her pirate lover from prison. She threatens Evangeline's brother's life if Evangeline does not keep distracting the captain so Anne can convince the crew to do her bidding.

Captain Austin Blackwell thinks the lovely Englishwoman is a spy sent to steal information on his ship. Evangeline's naivete soon proves her innocence, but by then Anne has succeeded in her dastardly plan!

The adventures are only beginning as Austin reclaims his ship, and Anne takes Evangeline along on her crazy crusade. Yet Austin and Evangeline's paths cross time and again from the Atlantic to the Caribbean and back, raising hell and high passion.

This is one of those lightning-fast, roller coaster rides loaded with escapades and plot. No doubt this is all fun and deliciously sexy, but everyone is so busy doing something wild that there is little time for really good character development. This tale of the innocent, naive governess getting herself in and out of trouble was a wonderful escape from a stressful day. SENSUAL (Nov., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin