Image of Personal Demon


Image of Personal Demon

Sizemore makes a welcome return to her Laws of the Blood series with a new entry featuring a vampire enforcer confronting the different way they handle things in Chicago. Sizemore’s two protagonists are worlds apart in their views of how vampires, humans and demons should interact, but that just adds to the tension in this excellent dark and hard-edged thriller!

Ivy Bailey is both part demon and a vampire watcher/ hunter. She keeps an eye on the vampires who threaten to break the “rules” set up by Chicago’s vampire enforcer. Christopher Bell is an English vampire from the 1880s, disconcerted by how vampire business is handled in Chicago. He finds Ivy quite intriguing, but mysterious attacks on witches raise the stakes as demons come under scrutiny as potential suspects. Given her complicated family dynamics, Ivy knows that it is up to her to stop a demon plot with an all-too-familiar connection. (ACE, Oct., 288 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith