Image of Personal Protection (Hauberk Protection)


Image of Personal Protection (Hauberk Protection)

Braemel's second Hauberk Protection book feels like two stories. There's the thriller, in which someone needs protecting from a crazed stalker, and there's also a BDSM sex club story that kicks in halfway through the book. The central characters don't need this addition to their sex life; the complications stemming from their professional relationship are conflict enough. Less satisfying is the stalker plot, which may leave readers feeling cheated out of what could have been a potentially thrilling book.

Sam Weston, the owner of Hauberk Protection Services, has been receiving threatening messages from an anonymous stalker. When his apartment is broken into, and "BANG" spelled out on his bed in ketchup, his own agency makes him a client and puts the best operatives on the job to protect him. Rosalinda Ramos, the lead operative, struggles to concentrate solely on the task at hand and not think about how sexually attracted she is to her boss. (SAMHAIN, Mar., 251 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener