Image of The Personal Touch


Image of The Personal Touch
THE PERSONAL TOUCH (4) by Lori Borrill: L.A. builder Clint Hilton's date with a hot model ends abruptly when his widowed mother comes in at a bad moment. She lives with him, but was supposed to be out. To get some privacy, he goes to Margot Roth, the best dating counselor in the area. When Margot meets Clint, she is dizzy with lust, but reminds herself she's already found the perfect man. Clint wants Margot to give him some tips to find a man for his mother, since he doesn't think she'll agree to use a dating service. Margot pretends to be his date so she can talk to his mother, but for how long will the pretense work? Bright, humorous and with great dialogue and situations, this book is a keeper.
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Page Traynor