Image of Persuasion


Image of Persuasion

Joyce continues her Spymasters Men trilogy as a double agent plays a dangerous game of love. In her usual fashion there is a dose of history and romance, with engaging characters, depth of emotion and drama. Though not as steamy as some previous novels, Joyce allows a tender love to be rekindled and gives her story just the right amount of sensuality — more than enough to satisfy her fans.

The Reign of Terror grips France when English spy Simon Grenville is imprisoned and forced to spy for the French. Simon returns from Paris for his wife’s funeral and to make sure his sons are safe. He unexpectedly sees Amelia Greystone, the woman he loved and left 10 years ago. Amelia believes she is only concerned for Simon’s children when she agrees to become his housekeeper. But, after rushing to comfort him in the throes of a nightmare, she falls madly in love. Simon resists temptation for fear of dragging Amelia into his double life, but she is stalwart and defies those who would tear them apart. (HQN, Aug, 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin