Since her husband's death and her son Pete's injury, Julia Touchstone has nurtured hatred for the Pinkerton Detective Agency. When agent Marsh Granger, posing as a drifter, moseys into town seeking employment she sends him packing.

However, Julia's mother sees Marsh as the key to capturing the outlaw Thompson gang and invites him to stay.

Marsh's presence puts a strain on Julia's emotions and when she finds notes in her husband's clothing concerning an informant in the midst of the gang, she turns them over to Marsh.

Meanwhile, Marsh has fallen for Julia and her son. Marsh convinces the over protective Julia to grant Pete the freedom to heal. This opens the floodgates of their emotions and against their better judgment, Marsh and Julia make love, complicating their lives even further.

Julia insists on helping Marsh expose the informant and with Pete's unwitting stumble into the fray both Marsh and Julia find that their love and the family's safety is what's important in life.

Take two adults who have experienced pain and loss and give them a second chance at love. Then add an endearing young boy and an older woman who fancies herself an amateur detective and you have FOR PETE'S SAKE, a pleasant, uplifting way to pass an evening. SENSUAL (Apr., 275 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor