Image of The Phantom of Black's Cove


Image of The Phantom of Black's Cove

THE PHANTOM OF BLACK'S COVE (4.5) by Jan Hambright: It's whispered among the townsfolk of Black's Cove that a phantom comes to the rescue of people in trouble, mystically protecting them before melting away into the background. Reporter Olivia Morgan isn't interested in the phantom; she just wants to get access to her brother's medical files, hidden inside the defunct Black's Cove Clinic. Were the doctors who treated him responsible for the irreversible brain damage he suffered 30 years ago? As Olivia pokes into the past, she crosses paths with Jack Tayborne, an enigma of a man with special powers, who ends up protecting her from a number of attacks. Hambright has a first-class thriller with this eerily gripping paranormal adventure!

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper