Image of Phantom Pleasures (Signet Eclipse)


Image of Phantom Pleasures (Signet Eclipse)

Dark magic and the endless quest
for power kick off an exciting new
paranormal series by the versatile Leto. This launch book contains two parallel relationship threads, each filled with
crackling sensuality and intrigue. It's a fast and fun start to a most promising series!

In 1747, Damon Forsyth and his brother race toward a Gypsy enclave to rescue their sister, only to be forced by magic into inanimate objects.

In modern times, heiress and businesswoman Alexa Chandler learns about a strange inheritance left by her father: an island off Florida's coast that contains a fully transplanted German castle. Planning to turn it into a hotel, Alexa discovers her castle comes with a phantom who becomes corporeal at night. Damon is intrigued by the modern Alexa, and with her help, he hopes to break the enchantment. Alexa's best friend and paranormal researcher Catalina Reyes tries to help. A kidnapped Romani scholar may hold the key, so Cat and the kidnapped man's son join the quest. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Apr., 336 pp., $6.99) Jill M. Smith
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith