How does a 20th-century opera chorus girl end up in the arms of an amorous 19th-century ghost? With a little luck and a kaleidoscope!

A third generation opera singer, Bella De La Rosa has a lot to live up to. Unlike her parents and grandparents, she has no confidence and is terrified of singing in public. She hides in the chorus, but is thrown (literally) into the limelight -- and into the 19th century. Somehow, Bella's obsession with the theater's resident ghost transports her back in time and she meets Jacques LeFerve in person.

Intrigued by the innocent beauty, Jacques appears out of nowhere to disrupt her performance. For the first time in his existence, he's in love. Jacques tries to woo Bella, but she proves stubborn. He persists and sweeps her off her feet.

He outlines their future together, but she refuses to share his devotion to opera or the center stage. Suddenly Bella is flung back to the 20th century, where she is forced to face her fears. Bella races against time to return to Jacques and stop his murder.

Powerful, passionate, a must purchase! Ms. Riley enthralls readers with her sensual passages, witty dialogue and passionate characters. Her twist on The Phantom of the Opera is wonderful and refreshing. Readers will laugh, cry and rejoice in Jacques and Bella's discovery that love transcends time. (July, 400 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer