Image of Phantom's Touch (Signet Eclipse)


Image of Phantom's Touch (Signet Eclipse)

The quest to free cursed brothers continues in Leto's second Phantom offering. As before, there are two storylines. When Hollywood magic meets real magic, the collision leads to a sexy and thrilling tale. Leto's got the touch.

Action movie star Lauren Cole is stuck making one more Athena movie for her now ex-husband. Angry that Ross refused to give her the antique sword he bought her in Germany, Lauren decides to steal it. While practicing with her newly acquired sword, she discovers that she's released a sexy warrior from his magical prison.

Aiden Forsyth is glad to be out of the sword, but he's not completely free. As a phantom, he can only become corporeal at night. What Aiden and Lauren don't realize is that others are after the sword, and they won't hesitate to kill to get it. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Dec., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith