Image of Phenomenal Girl 5 (SHOMI)


Image of Phenomenal Girl 5 (SHOMI)

This highly engaging superhero tale
is perfect for women. The titular
character may be super powerful,
but when it comes to the ways of love, she's definitely relatable. This action romance gives readers an independent and very witty heroine who's sure to please -- not to mention one unique love triangle!

Lainey Livingston isn't your average superhero. Sure, she can fly and has super-strength, but she's nobody's sidekick and is more about saving the world than selling her image. To get into the EHJ (the Elite Hands of Justice), she must serve two years under the reincarnist Robert Elliot.

Sounds easy enough, but as someone who keeps everyone at arm's length, she never expects to fall in love with her boss. What's a girl to do when her love interest can't die but may forget her in a new life? And how do you deal with an impending apocalypse when you might be a factor? (SHOMI, Nov., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker