Theoretically it sounds like a winner: Who fares better in the workplace, the beautiful bimbo or the plain nerd? Sociologist Leah Smith decides to put the question to the test for her doctoral dissertation. She decides to use her brother Steve's cosmetics company, Just Peachy, as her test case. Leah makes two appointments for job interviews and arrives in very different guises.

Meanwhile, Steve hires security consultant Mark Colson to discover who's stealing Just Peachy's corporate secrets. The minute Mark gets a load of Leah in both her guises, she becomes suspect No. 1.

Leah is not the only member of the Smith family wearing a disguise. To obtain the start-up funding for his company, Steve had to create a female figurehead, and "Stephanie" was born. To make matters worse, Steve finds the woman in charge of the competing company he suspects is ripping him off way too attractive. Almost everyone is running around in disguise or undercover, certainly complicating matters on the romantic front.

Talk about your cross-dressing, mixed-up misadventures! Perennial favorite Jensen has dished up a doozy. Hilarious hijinks and cross-purposes abound in this wacky romantic comedy. (Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith