The excitement continues in the second installment of the Phoenix Institute, and the adventure never ends. Paranormal fans will enjoy the many different facets of science fiction, and lovers of romance will embrace the unusual relationship. The story does get a tad confusing with the numerous subplots, which sometimes seem to be out of context, but they are entertaining nonetheless. Lawson’s unique worldbuilding displays her imagination perfectly.

Black ops agent Philip Drake, an immortal with special psychic and healing powers, leaves the CIA and discovers that someone has stolen his DNA in order to create a new race. Meanwhile, Delilah Sefton has no idea how or why she got pregnant. When she reunites with Philip, she has no choice but to confront their tumultuous past and attempt to trust him — he could be the only one to answer her questions. The Phoenix Institute doubles as a safe haven for her while she tries to piece together the puzzle and wonders why someone is trying to steal her unborn baby. Can the pair work together in order to save themselves and prevent oncoming danger? (SAMHAIN, Dec., 272 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi