Image of Phoenix Unrisen


Image of Phoenix Unrisen

Highly versatile author Nance adds another genre to her belt by spicing
up her latest thriller with a touch of magic. An excellent storyteller, she never skimps on the characterization
or adventure, so you can expect a
first-rate novel every time.

Widowed reporter Natalie Severin is in the bayou, following a lead about exotic animal smuggling, when she crosses paths with sexy veterinarian Ram Montgomery. Seeing Ram take down several armed opponents, Natalie senses that he's more than he seems. But having had a bad experience with her deceased husband's use of magic, Natalie is none too thrilled to realize that Ram is a mage.

Getting involved with Natalie may be a mistake, but it's one that Ram is prepared to take. After being wounded in an earlier magical battle, he's only recently gotten his magic back and senses someone is stalking them with deadly intent. (LOVE SPELL, Oct., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith