Hot star Harrison dishes up another snapshot into the life of everyone’s favorite Wyr couple, Pia and Dragos. When events take a dark turn, it gives Harrison a chance to revisit what makes this special couple so completely engrossing. Although Harrison’s immensely popular Elder Races series continues to expand in exciting new directions, visiting with Pia and Dragos remains a truly special joy. Thanks, and keep the stories coming!

As work continues on building new dwellings and office space in upstate New York for Dragos’ sentinels and his empire, Pia just wants some peace and quiet with her mate and her rapidly growing baby, Liam. Then a horrific accident occurs during rock blasting and Dragos suffers a severe head injury. The injury is so bad that all of Dragos memories are gone, leaving a ferocious and wounded dragon who will attack anyone that comes near. To save her mate, Pia must venture into the forest alone and somehow convince the angry dragon to let her heal him. But can she tame the wild beast? (THEAHARRISON.COM, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith