Ashley is ready for a weekend away with friends, but it doesn't start off as expected. She runs into an antagonistic stranger, then witnesses an accident that continues to haunt her. This feeling only worsens when she discovers the victim is a friend of hers. Not buying the police theory that her friend had been using drugs, Ashley uses her contacts as a cadet in the police academy to investigate.

Detective Jake Dilessio has his own problems. First there is the mouthy woman he runs into—literally—who seems to bring out the worst in him. Then there is the mutilated body discovered in the Everglades. The crime is exactly like a series of murders he investigated five years before.

When Ashley's artistic talent attracts the attention of her superiors, they offer her a job with forensics, which puts her in even closer proximity to Jake. The closer they get, the more the two begin to realize that their two cases might have something in common.

Graham delivers a wonderfully innovative read, with equal measures of steamy romance and chilling excitement. She cleverly crafts numerous wrong turns for readers to follow on their way to the truth, which make traveling this mysterious maze absolutely enticing. (Mar., 352 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson