PICTURE PERFECT, a poignant love story, explores the complications that can occur in relationships when people hold onto old hurts and insecurities.

Since learning that her long-time boyfriend fathered the child of another woman, photographer Cassidy Adams has been in a self-pitying funk. As therapy, she throws herself into her work, leading her straight to Brian Lassiter. Brian, a professional baseball player, is beautiful both inside and out and falls hard for Cassidy. After her previous relationship, the last thing Cassidy wants is to get involved with a professional athlete, especially given their reputations as players.

When Cassidy stops fighting the attraction and realizes that her first impression of Brian was completely misguided, she and Brian enter into the best relationship that either has ever had.

This relationship is tested when Brians ex-wife decides she wants him back, and Cassidys old insecurities resurface. Things are further complicated when Brian sees Cassidy kissing Damon Richards, the ex-boyfriend she supposedly hates.

As an added treat, Ms Carter includes a budding relationship between Natalie and Greg, the best friends of Cassidy and Brian. Instead of taking away from the main storyline, the relationship between Natalie and Greg make PICTURE PERFECT even more of a delightful, heart-warming read. (Feb., 294 pp., $8.95)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela M. Dungee