Samuel has created characters whose flaws make them more believable and draw the reader into the very depths of the novel. As Thomas fights his feelings for his ex-wife, Luna—who was deserted by both her father and ex-husband—learns to overcome her distrust of men. Deeply touching and riveting, A PIECE OF HEAVEN packs an emotional punch that refuses to let go.

In the town of Taos, NM, Luna McGraw is finding a sense of peace and contentment in her life. After her alcoholism resulted in a failed marriage and she lost custody of her daughter, Joy, Luna is now sober and working as a florist at a local grocery store. Now, 15-year-old Joy is moving back in with her mother. And when an elderly neighbor accidentally sets her house on fire, Luna comes to the widow's aid.

Through the nighttime rescue, Luna becomes acquainted with the widow's grandson, Thomas Coyote, a man she's admired from afar. While their burgeoning relationship is complicated by the baggage of their pasts, only time will tell if Luna and Thomas can face a future together.

(Feb., 336 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick