Thirty five years ago, a domineering father separated Isabelle Maguire from the man she adored and gave her infant daughter away for adoption. A priest, Stephen Donnelly's love for Isabelle was forbidden by the church and her family. Spirited away to Scotland, Isabelle gave birth to Glenna, who was then given to the church for adoption placement.

Heartbroken and abandoned, Isabelle returned to San Francisco and married politician Frank Wescott. After Frank dies, Isabelle determines to locate her oldest child and hires PI Mitch Greyson to search for her in Scotland.

Glenna Fergusson McDowell's life has not been easy. Her adoptive parents were physically abusive. Escape came in the form of Aengus McDowell, a kindly older man who gave her love. Their marriage has been one of kindness and companionship. The joy of their lives is their teenage daughter Kate.

Mitch's arrival with the stunning news of Glenna's parentage leaves her angry and confused. But her rebellious daughter, Kate, has no doubts and runs to the U.S. to meet her grandmother.

For 35 years they all have paid a painful price in the name of love, surely fate owes them one more shot at happiness?

This is a bittersweet, poignant novel from the very talented Diana Haeger. Very moving! (July, 480 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith