Liesel Bonner is a quiet, unassuming, pretty girl waiting patiently for the man she loves to propose to her. When she loses her job because of her German-American heritage, her eyes are opened to the reality of war by handsome federal agent David de Serre. She must decide, alone, whether to trust David, who shatters her world, or to run to the one who has always loved her.

David's work has him seeking out a traitor, a man who plants incendiary devices on ships, stirs up strikes and hides his true identity. His investigation leads him to a woman who may not be as innocent as she appears. But in a short time he realizes that not only is she caught in this deadly situation, his judgment is also clouded by his personal feelings for her. Can he do his job and keep her safe, or will one of them be betrayed?

First-time author Lang pens an authentic, page-turning World War II novel filled with love and suspense, although there are few defects in this work depicting the U.S and its prejudicial actions as the country enters the war to bring Germany to defeat. (Mar., 288 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston