Mail-order bride Nora O'Shae leaves her staid Boston lifestyle behind in hopes of discovering adventure on the wild plains of the Arizona Territory with her future husband, wealthy rancher, Abner Slade.

Her stage is met by Sergeant Robert Le Beau, a brooding, half-Comanche Army scout, who arouses conflicting emotions in Nora while she patiently awaits Abner's return. When he eventually appears, Nora learns that her husband is obsessed with power; his single-minded cruelty and contemptible behavior make her life a living hell.

Fatefully, one dark night Le Beau, now called by his Comanche name, Storm-Caller, takes her to his camp. With a gentleness and patience Nora never thought a man could possess, Storm-Caller makes her his willing captive. But they are driven apart by misunderstandings until Nora realizes that she must teach him that their love can free him from his demons.

The underlying power of PIECES OF SKY emanates from Ms. Willman's sensitive portrayal of the Comache culture combined with strong characterizations of highly compassionate characters. She easily reconstructs an era when men and women where caught between the conflicts of two different worlds.

Published in 1985, before RT's Top Picks, it is time that this award-winning, powerful classic be given its due. SENSUAL (On-sale Feb., 400 pages, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin