A parents worst nightmare is the chilling center of this extraordinary suspense tale. Ridley Pearson punches
up the terror to new heights with this completely unforgettable thriller.

The discovery of a penny flute at the scene of a baby's kidnapping strikes both terror and anger in the hearts of the Seattle Police Department. For the last six months, a serial kidnapper has been stealing young babies around the country. Now it seems the infamous Pied Piper has chosen Seattle as his new hunting ground.

Lieutenant Lou Boldt becomes involved when he is consulted by his former protegee who is working on the investigation. Then the Pied Piper takes Lou's young daughter, Sarah, as a hostage and demands that Lou covertly sabotage the investigation or he will never see his little girl again. Lou may be forced to sacrifice a lifetime of principles to save his daughter's life.


Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith