Image of A Piggly Wiggly Christmas


Image of A Piggly Wiggly Christmas

All the quirky residents of Second Creek return in Dalby’s latest. New readers will immediately feel at home in this small Southern town, and fans of the series are sure to enjoy the chance to spend Christmas with old friends Gaylie Girl, Wittsie, Mr. Choppy and the rest. A feel- good book that perfectly captures the essence of the holiday season!

Plans for Christmas start early in Second Creek, and it’s September when the Nitwitts — the venerable ladies of the town — begin organizing the first ever Christmas Eve caroling festival in the town square. But a lot can happen in three months, and before Second Creek can ring in a happy new year, the Nitwitts have to overcome a lot of obstacles, including an aging diva, a premature infant and a devastating fire. Fortunately, miracles are the Nitwitts’ specialty! (PUTNAM, Nov., 272 pp., $24.95)
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Rhomylly Forbes