Image of Pile of Bones (A Novel of the Parallel Parks)


Image of Pile of Bones (A Novel of the Parallel Parks)

Cunningham’s latest offering is an absorbing tale of role-playing, magic and the danger that can ensue when boundaries between the real and the make-believe disappear. Cunningham does an excellent job of balancing two parallel worlds, bringing the reader into both with a complete, distinct understanding. Intelligent storytelling and compelling characters add to this fascinating read.

Andrew, Shelby, Carl and Ingrid are graduate students by day at Plains University. But around midnight, in a wooded park known as Wascana, they role-play, each becoming different characters in a game. Wascana becomes Anfractus, a magical city where they each wield special skills and powers. These are two distinct, separate lives and worlds — until things suddenly change. The four learn about an assassination plot that could spell trouble for both worlds. As the magical world bleeds into their everyday reality, these mild-mannered students need to make things right — and soon. (ACE, Aug., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates