The followup to Sinner continues the tale of Caelum, heir to the Throne of Stars. The land of Tencendor is threatened by the revenge of the evil Qeteb, who has facilitated the destruction of the Star Gate and the invasion of the Timekeeper demons.

The demons wreak destruction throughout the land and in a last desperate grasp at hope, Caelum travels with his parents to the Star Finger, hoping the mountain will reveal its ancient secrets. If the demons bring Qeteb back to the mortal realm, all will be lost, and only a small group of humans—and two former gods—stand between them and terrible victory.

The second book in the Wayfarer Redemption trilogy continues this effective tale from a master fantasist. The world Douglass portrays stands with the most inventive creations of fantasy literature. This is definitely a middle book in the series, and knowledge of the previous volume is vital, but fans of the first will most definitely not be disappointed—particularly with Faraday, Caelum's mother, who provides a strong female counterpart. Douglass' characters, both good and evil, move beyond stereotypes into flesh and blood. (Sep., 480 pp., $27.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum