Image of Pinch Me


Image of Pinch Me

Halpern’s latest is an enchanting and fun contemporary fairy tale that challenges the concept of being “lucky in love.” Lily and Gogo are eminently easy to relate to and the plot is elaborately constructed and unpredictable. In addition to having a delightful plot, the novel has a depth to it that is inspiring to readers who may need reminding of just how lucky they are to have their current partners.

Beautiful and successful Lily Burns has been pressured her entire life by her mother and grandmother to live under the most disheartening mantra of all time: “Never marry a man unless he’s short, bald, fat, stupid and treats you badly.” Lily learns this is because each generation of women in her family suffers a curse that triggers a series of terrible events they marry for love. When Lily’s handsome, loving and seemingly perfect doctor boyfriend Gogo proposes marriage, Lily is hesitant to accept under the shadow of the impending curse. However, Lily’s stubbornness kicks in and she happily accepts, only to mysteriously awake to find that her beloved Gogo is now unhappily married to another woman, has a less than prominent career and has no recollection at all of Lily. Lily must now find a way to break the curse — or live unhappily ever after. (TOUCHSTONE, Aug., 288 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun