When Rebecca Abbot loses her job, she knows she has to act fast to land another one. Thanks to her creatively worded resume, she lands a position as an associate editor at Candlelight Books, a popular publisher of romance novels. Although Rebecca knows little about romance or editing, she throws herself into her new job. Amidst the trials of learning the ropes of the publishing world, being stabbed in the back by rival editors and ex-boyfriends alike and trying to help her former employer, she discovers that her life -- like the best romantic novels -- just might have a happy ending.

Ireland does an excellent job of writing about the world of romance novels with humor and respect. The setting is the perfect backdrop for Rebecca's story. As she begins to find her footing, albeit with an occasional misstep, Ireland successfully blends humor and a little sadness to bring the audience on Rebecca's journey with her.

The supporting characters, especially women like Rebecca's best friend Wendy and her catty rival Cassie, are especially well drawn and believable. Ireland finishes with an ending that, while not picture-perfect, is just bittersweet enough to leave the reader wanting to know what happens to Rebecca next. (May, 352 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider