The story of a pair of
pink diamond earrings and a tribute to the effect of self-confidence on women, this
book has characters in four separate storylines that intermingle continuously as common themes of family, desire and deception weave throughout
the book.

When middle sister Sabrina Graham dons the earrings in "Pink Champagne," she becomes an elegant and mysterious party crasher. Older sister Lindsay Graham wears them while on vacation in Hawaii and transforms into a carefree vixen. "A Touch of Pink" is a lesson in seduction. When younger sister Nicole Graham wears the earrings, the ensuing confidence boost allows her to approach the supervisor of a jewel collection about being featured at her museum in the risque "Pink Positive."

Serial jewelry thief Mercer Whitley– Cook is determined to steal the earrings. She makes her second attempt while working as a caterer at Lindsay's housewarming party. "In the Pink" offers an unexpected ending. (Signet Eclipse, Nov., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen