Snappy dialogue and outrageous characters keep the tempo lively and the humor infectious in this crazy adventure story. Hill is a master at taking outlandish situations and making them laugh-out-loud funny. A bonus for
longtime readers is the return of Tante Lulu, the Cajun matchmaker extraordinaire, whose crush on Richard Simmons remains steadfast. A hoot and a half!

Not many people can claim four marriages -- all to the same person -- but attorney Veronica "Ronnie" Jinkowsky and poker ace Jake Jensen can't seem to live with or without each other. Their latest collision occurs when Ronnie's estranged grandfather Frank works up a scheme to force Ronnie to take over Jinx Inc., his famous treasure-hunting company.

As an investor, Jake too is roped into the latest venture to find a Mafia family treasure. According to their new client, a ship containing a stash of priceless pink diamonds sank off the Jersey coast 50 years ago, and Rosa Menotti and Sons want them back. Considering her phobia of salt water, Ronnie still can't figure out how she ended up out at sea on a boat with her grandfather, the Mafia, a crazy Cajun granny and her ex-husband. (WARNER, Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith