Bliss Grenville has lived with the terrible belief that both her infant son and her husband Guy are dead. Guy had been sent to prison by her father on trumped up charges.

She can no longer fend off her fathers wish that she marry his partner Gerald Faulke. But when Bliss overhears that her son may be alive she is determined to find him.

Blisss plan to find her son goes awry when her ship is captured by pirates and she is held for ransom by Gasarilla. The pirate sends for his trusted friend, Hunter, to escort Bliss to safe keeping.

Imagine Hunters surprise when he recognizes Bliss as the woman who loved and betrayed him when he was Guy DeYoung.

Hunter takes her to his private island and makes her mistress of his home. He wants her to come to his arms willingly.

When passion rules and their tempestuous natures takes over, Bliss is stunned by her attraction to Hunter. Hunter decides to find their son and resettle the family in New Orleans and thats when the real trouble begins as Gerald plots his vengeance.

Ms. Mason has written interesting characters into a twisting plot filled with humor and pathos. The lively secondary characters really keep the story moving at a rapid clip. If you enjoy pirates and romance, youll enjoy PIRATE. SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner