Image of The Pirate Bride (Viking I)


Image of The Pirate Bride (Viking I)

This is the 11th time Hill has ventured into Viking territory and one of the funniest journeys a reader could take. With chapter headings referring to Johnny Depp and the Brady Bunch, it’s obvious Hill’s tongue-in-cheek storytelling prevails throughout this tale of a band of women kidnapping men for the purpose of fathering children. The lively pace, snappy dialogue and genuine sweetness of the characters just adds more fun for all — though traditionalists might not agree.

Medana Elsadottir never wanted to be a pirate yet here she is: leader of an island of women, sailing her ship, stealing and pillaging. The women have everything they need except men to father their children. On a raid, Medana’s crew decides to abduct a few virile Vikings. Their captain, Thork, isn’t happy and plots the men’s escape. Though Medana doesn’t sanction the kidnapping she bears the brunt of Thork’s anger. There is something familiar about Medana and, as Thork uncovers the truth of her past, they forge an uneasy peace — and desire. Havoc ensues as his family, her ruthless brothers, enemies and friends storm the island. It will take all their love and trust to get them out of the fix. (AVON, Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin