All Serenity James dreams of is interviewing the notorious pirate known as the Sea Wolf. The dashing outlaw preys on ships, freeing American sailors forced into the British Navy. Serenity has written an article for her fathers newspaper about him based on what others have sworn is the truth.

Morgan Drake is shocked and angry when he reads Serenties story about the Sea Wolf. Who could have guessed so much about him? Then he meets the headstrong writer and wonders what in the world to do with her. The matter is taken out of his hands when a crewman abducts Serenity. Now hes stuck with her and her biting tongue. This is more adventure than Serenity dreamed of. Though she defies the captain she is also drawn to him, and Morgan and his crew surprise her with their kindness and caring.

She gentles the hardcore pirate with her intelligence and courage, but can she tame him? As they fight off enemy corsairs, privateers and the British, Serenity and Morgan discover that fighting off their mutual desire is the most difficult task of all.

Kinley MacGregor is a spirited new voice in adventure romance. The delightfully witty repartee between Serenity and Morgan will bring a smile to your lips; their sexual tension and adventures will keep you glued to the page. Keep your eye on Ms. MacGregor. SENSUAL (Mar., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin