Image of The Pirate Hunter


Image of The Pirate Hunter

Pirate hunter James Ardmore lives for revenge against Black Jack Mallory, the buccaneer who slaughtered his family. A strange twist brings him to the island of Haven and Lady Diana Worthing, who can lead him to his prey.

The last time James saw Diana she was throwing a soup tureen at his head. He had abducted her, hoping to gain information about Black Jack. Now he lies nearly dead at her feet. The sexual tension between this duo is palpable as they come to grips with their strong love/hate relationship, which stems from Diana's father's involvement with Black Jack.

How they rectify their differences, and how James deals with letting go of his hatred, makes for a moving and complex tale. Ashley sprinkles in the perfect amount of humor, via an engaging cast of secondary characters, to keep the story sprightly. Poignancy is dished up as readers come to care about Diana's deaf daughter. The heated verbal battles and sizzling love scenes keep things spicy in this adventure romance. SENSUAL (352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin