Ignoring her brother's warnings, Sara Wills boards a ship of prisoners, bound for New South Wales. It is Sara's dream to help these women improve their lives, finding something that has been missing in the process.

Being captured by pirates is not what Sara had in mind.

Gideon Horn and his men want to retire from their life of adventure and settle down on their island home. All they need are wives to make their paradise perfect. So when they board a vessel and discover the treasure-a passel of women-Gideon believes they will welcome the chance to be free.

He just never counts on Sara and her demands. First of all, she wants the women treated as ladies and courted as proper ladies should be courted. Gideon is forced to comply as he finds himself intrigued by the sharp-tongued lady who fiercely guards the others, yet radiates her own special warmth.

As Gideon and Sara engage in a spicy battle of wills, the others find their perfect mates. But what happens after the passions heat up and Sara's willful brother arrives to bring his wayward sister home?

Fast-paced, funny and sensual, with biting repartee and a feisty pair of lovers, this is a non-stop read. If you're looking for a pleasurable romp, this is it! SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin