Image of The Pirate Next Door


Image of The Pirate Next Door

A pirate in Mayfair, right next door to Lady Alexandra Alastair? Improbable but also quite possible. That's what Alexandra discovers when she rescues her new neighbor from pirate hunters who are trying to hang him in the drawing room.

Alexandra discovers it's no tea party trying to keep tabs on ex-pirate Grayson Finley or his unladylike daughter. She soon wants to give up her proper life and join Grayson as he fends off his enemy, searches out treachery, unmasks spies and challenges convention in every way.

It's no wonder Alexandra falls in love with the sexy, passionate, adventurous Grayson. Who can ignore the lure of a bad-boy pirate ( la Jean Lafitte)? The cast of intriguing characters immediately captivates, from Grayson's outlandish daughter to his high seas rival. Take a deep breath and dive into a memorable, entertaining romantic adventure. SENSUAL (Oct., 342 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin