A vendetta drives Lazar di Fiori to the island where his family once ruled before their trusted friend Monteverdi murdered them. The only survivor of the assassination, Lazar has endured imprisonment, beatings and slavery to become a pirate, the Devil of Antigua.

Allegra Monteverdi infuriates her father by wearing the di Fiori colors to his 15th anniversary celebration. She angers her fianci even more by scorning his advances and accepting the protection of a dark rebel stranger.

Lazars plan to kill Allegra change when she pleads for her familys lives and becomes Lazars captive. Torn between hatred for all Allegra represents and the desire and respect she arouses by her beauty and courage, Lazar begins to fight his demons.

Allegra falls in love with Lazar and helps him to forgive himself for the crimes he had committed in the past. She must find a way to bring harmony to her home and peace to her beloved pirate prince no matter what. From the islands off the coast of Italy to the Barbary Coast and the West Indies, they forge a bond that nothing can shatter.

There is star quality in this writer! Like a young Catherine Coulter or Gayle Feyer, Gaelen Foley writes a sensual, well detailed historical romance. She is destined to captivate readers. VERY SENSUAL (Sep., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin