Since the day he escaped his brother Ibrahim's death sentence, Prince Dariq has been looking for a way to free his mother from Ibrahim. The opportunity comes when he captures one of Ibrahim's ships and discovers a rare treasure in the form of Lady Willow Foxburn.

Willow's ship is attacked and she is bought for the Sultan Ibrahim's harem. The stubborn, beautiful Willow doesn't follow orders and isn't afraid of Dariq, who brings her to his harem to teach her about passion, enraging his current favorite. As the training progresses, Dariq realizes he can never let Willow go. Instead of offering a well-trained concubine to his brother in exchange for his mother's freedom, Dariq will offer himself. But Willow won't allow Dariq to make that sacrifice.

A legend of the genre, Mason delivers a trued-and-true romance with a classic plot and highly engaging characters. This is a comfort read: You know exactly what you are getting, and you enjoy every morsel. SENSUAL (Nov., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin