Image of The Pirate Prince: Lords of the Var Book Five


Image of The Pirate Prince: Lords of the Var Book Five

The main characters have great chemistry, and their struggle to be together while also fulfilling their royal duties is very interesting. However, the plot relies a bit too heavily on coincidence, which makes certain parts of the story unrealistic. Even so, Pillow’s unique settings and interesting secondary characters make this an engaging read.

Mei, Princess Zhang, is upset when a prophecy decrees that she is to marry a prince and become pregnant within the next eight months. Mei’s family believes her destined mate is Song Lok, the spoiled prince of the rival dynasty on her planet. Mei realizes that she will need to get married; however, before this happens, she wants just one last adventure. Mei finds freedom with Captain Jarek, on his spaceship. But Jerek is really a Var Prince and while neither of these adventurers is looking for love, that’s exactly what they find — now they just need to balance their newfound relationship with their duties. (THE RAVEN, 2011, 178 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak